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Ready for a Fresh Start in 2019?

So you’re tired of looking at the same old fabrics. They served you well for the last 10 years, but they no longer feel like you. And your space no longer feels fresh and current. It’s still pretty, but because…
December 28, 2018
Design Tips

How to Add Color to Your Home

One of the top interior design trends of 2018 is using bright colors in your home  –and color has never been something that we’ve shied away from. If you want to add some color but don’t know where to start,…
June 28, 2018
Design Tips

2018: The Year to Design Your Dream Home

You live on Long Island, maybe Northport, Centerport, Huntington - it doesn’t matter. What does matter is your friends have nice houses and you’re a little embarrassed about your home. You've been thinking about redesigning it for ages and are…
January 4, 2018
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The Benefits of House Plants

Having house plants can do more than beautify your home - they can be healthy for you, too. All green plants emit oxygen, making plants our natural partners. Plants are natural humidifiers, and studies have shown plants to reduce dry…
October 19, 2017
Design Tips

Wall Coverings: The Icing on the Cake

Are you tired of looking at the flat matte paint on your wall? Do you constantly think, "This room needs something?" Wall coverings are a great way to dress up your space. There are many different palates, prints, and textured…
September 11, 2017